Horse Shoe Training Camp

The team usually has a training camp before Christmas every year. I usually count on that to jump start my base for the season ahead. Since this year the team doesn’t have a training camp I decided to do my own with a few guys from the team. I flew down to Horse Shoe, North Carolina just outside of Asheville for 5 days of base miles. The weather was great and we put in over 21 hours of saddle time. I had good company with some teammates from previous years and a couple new teammates. The two new guys were Matthew Busche (current US National Road Race Champion) and Ty Magner. Both solid guys who I am looking forward to racing with next year.

The views along the Blue Ridge Parkway are some of the best in the world. I took a few photos and captured a bit of video that you can watch below. Now I’m back in Michigan taking a little rest to let the body recover before the next block of training.

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