Still Learning

While having a blast ripping through the woods I noticed my front tire losing air as I was going around a corner. No big deal I have a spare tube and Co2’s. I did pass on the pump because I was going on such a short ride (mistake number 1). I pulled the thorn out and put the new tube in. Excited to see how many Co2’s it would take to fill a fat bike tire I took out my old Co2 canister that I hadn’t used in years (mistake number 2). I screwed one Co2 on and broke the plastic head right off. WHAT!? Don’t buy anything plastic that you want to last (mistake number 3). Not knowing how to ride a wheelie for 10 miles I started walking. I called my wife to the rescue and then the phone died (mistake number 4). Hoping she got my location I sat and waited. Sure enough there she was with the kiddos picking my sorry butt up. I now have my high volume pump, better Co2 cartridge, and I’m thinking of putting a little sealant in my tubes. Not sure I want to set up tubeless right before winter. So next time I flat, which I’m sure I will again someday, I’ll be even more prepared then I was before.

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