Planning Your Off Days

There is no magical formula for when you should train or not train. So this time of year it’s best to plan your training days around the weather. Normally I would have seen the weather for today and put in a good one yesterday, but we were celebrating birthdays and Christmas over the weekend. I want people to know if you’re scheduled for a long day but there’s cold rain falling outside and the next day looks nice it’s best to push the ride back a day. I see a lot of people get stuck in what they’re training has them doing on that day. Training can be flexible. I’ve seen it were there’s a fun group ride going out and someone says they can’t go because they have their own training they have to do that day. There’s a time for that and there’s a time to be flexible. It’s the same with rest days, interval day, and big training days. I understand for a lot of people their schedule only allows them to train certain days so they have to make the most of the time they have no matter what the weather or circumstances. I’ll expand on my training philosophy in a post sometime soon. I’m excited to have a bit of an easy week on the bike this week as we head into the Holidays.

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