Holiday Training

During the holidays I never really take a break from training. One because we usually go to see family and all of them love to ride and or cross country ski and second we eat way to much food. This year there was no snow up north until our last day in the Traverse City area. So I got some good riding in on the fat bike. Hit up a ride in the Glen Arbor area, Vasa trail for some Dirt Church (fun fast ride), a nice new trail at 45 North Winery, and a ride in the snow on the way out of town. I’m planning on a few easy days to make sure the body is ready for what’s to come. Time to start adding some intensity to the training. Below are some videos and pictures from the weekend up North. It was nice to ride with some family and great people who live in the area. Thanks Sean Kickbush, Jordan Wakley, and Cody Sovis, and Eli Brown for a great ride on Sunday at the Vasa Trail.

I was so bummed after I got back and realized my video camera was in Time Lapse. I was really excited to see this footage from an awesome morning of riding.

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