Fun Training

A lot of people say to me ‘you’re so lucky to be able to ride your bike everyday’. It’s true it can be great, but like anything that you have to do it starts to feel like work. If you’re an endurance athlete and you’ve trained for an Ironman or marathon you’ve trained so much you really don’t want to train anymore. It only takes being off of training for a week and you want to start back up, but in the middle of it you sometimes just want to skip that workout. If I do I don’t only let down myself but my sponsors and teammates too. What I’ve enjoyed about the fat bike this winter has been it’s helped me enjoy my training. I’ve mixed it up a bit during my base with some night rides, fat bike rides, destination rides, and even yesterday with a photo shoot ride with my Salsa Beargrease around Holland, Michigan. Today I wanted to get in a bit of an endurance ride. The roads were clear enough to pound out miles on the road, but instead it sounded more fun to take the fat bike for a long ride through the woods and dirt roads. It’s already January and I’m still excited about the bike and training!

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