Wahoo KICKR Studio at Velo City Cycles


This year for the Velo City Cycles Indoor Training Studio we are excited to announce that each person will be training on a Wahoo Fitness Kickr or Snap smart trainer. With these trainers we’ll be using power to train!  The trainers will help you learn about your training zones and push you to become a better rider. After finding your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) we’ll be able to find your training zones and work off of that throughout your other sessions. Each workout and trainer will be tailored to your FTP. During the workout you won’t even shift your bike! The resistance on the trainer will increase or decrease depending on what percentage of your FTP is necessary for that part of the workout. On the screen you’ll be able to see your cadence, heart rate, percentage of FTP power, speed and distance. After the workout is complete you’ll receive an e-mail giving your results. You can also track your results and riding on your profile page. You do not need to be an experienced cyclist or racer to do these classes…all levels are encouraged to attend.

There will be 8 trainers available. We’ll have training blocks that you sign up for that will be twice a week for 4-6 weeks or drop in rides. You’ll sign for for the training session blocks or drop in rides here. At this link you’ll also have a profile that will help you track your training.

The first training block will begin November 29 and go through December 23. This will be a 4-week, 8-session class for $120. You’ll be able to choose from Tuesday / Thursday night class or Wednesday / Friday morning class. We’ll also be offering a Friday night and Saturday morning drop in training sessions. You can find more information here.

If you don’t have time to come to classes these trainers can be purchased at Velo City Cycles for home use and will keep your indoor training exciting and structured.

Links to more information on the Kickr Studio and Wahoo Fitness Kickr and Snap Trainers.




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