Advice for a Filthy Barry-Roubaix


A few things to expect for Barry-Roubaix and some pre, post, and during race essentials.

One thing that I can guarantee is that you’ll be wet, cold and dirty. Here are some things to help you have fun on a filthy day.

We’re going to start with post race essentials:
– A gallon or 2 container of water to wash yourself off
– Rag and towel
– Plastic bin or trash bag for all your wet clothes
– Dry clothes to change into
– Founders Brewery Beverage Founders Brewing Co.

What to outfit your bike with for the mud:
– Fresh lube on the chain
– Fender if you have one! If you don’t, I recommend finding one
– Water bottle for drinking and clearing glasses off

Pre race:
– Try and stay dry and warm as long as you can. Use the first few miles of the race as your warm-up. If you want to go out fast warm up on a trainer or at home.
– Make sure you eat something of a decent size 2-3 hours before the race. And a gel or something small 15-30 minutes before the start.

What to wear (You will be wet and cold no matter what you wear):
– A nice pair of gloves will be essential
– Cycling cap or hat
– Rain or wind racket. Make sure you can get to the zipper if you start to overheat
– Baselayer and jersey
– For the legs you can go with shorts, knee warmers, knickers, or tights. Just don’t go with too thick of pant or heavy tights…you’ll over-heat and get heavy when wet.
– Embrocation on the legs will keep you warm. Just know it’s a different feel if you’ve never used it. And don’t mistake it for chamois cream!!! Soigneur Athletic Skincare is a great brand and local business out of Grand Rapids, MI
– Clear lenses for your glasses. I’ve used rainx on the glasses in conditions like this but it can also fog up the glasses. I think they’ll be fogged up anyway.
– Shoe covers for the feet.

How to race:
– Have fun and be safe
– Find someone to follow that also has a fender
– Give the person in front of you a little space
– Use the first bit of the race to warm up
– If you feel cold, go harder
– It will be hard to eat but you’ll need fuel…so eat!
– Find a rhythm on the climb and accelerate over the top to get back up to speed
– Don’t be a jerk

And don’t forget to wash your bike that evening!

-Brad White