Ronde Van Quarantine

Alright Holland/Zeeland area cyclists…it’s time to go SOLO! Join us for this 4-week solo bike challenge to benefit Community Action House!

What is the Challenge?
We have created this challenge as a way to connect with each other during this time of solo rides. We have selected 4 Strava segments in the Holland and Zeeland area to ride throughout the 4 weeks of April. Each week’s segment will feature as a stage of the Ronde Van Quarantine.

If you would like to join the challenge, all you need to do is make a donation of any amount to Community Action Houseand email a screenshot of your donation confirmation email to Mark Strikwerda (Team Captain for Team Velo) (Please keep the donated amount out of the screenshot).

Link to donate to Community Action House:

Once you have joined the challenge you will be invited to a private Strava group which will be used to track times for each stage. Results will then be tabulated in a Google spreadsheet.

There will be a Men’s and Women’s category. Each category will have an overall winner based on cumulative time across all 4 stages, as well as stage winners. Stage winners get $5 gift cards to Velo City Cycles and other local busineses and overall winners get $20. This is to keep things interesting and add a bit of incentive, but the real goal is to raise money for Community Action House and help them out during this time of increased strain on their resources. The fastest cyclists won’t be the only ones getting prizes…so all speeds are encouraged to join this challenge!

Rules… the fun part.

  1. Safety is the first priority at all times. Please be aware of cars and pedestrians, and obey the rules of the road at all times.
  2. Each qualifying ride must be SOLO! No drafting of any kind. Please take this seriously. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who matches with another rider during their Strava effort. #ridesolosavelives
  3. Aero Bars, TT Bikes, and E-Bikes are not allowed.


  • We may have to make changes to the stages and/or the rules during the challenge given the high level of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Please be understanding and know that we will attempt to notify all participants of any changes as quickly as possible.
  • The challenge is open to anyone that rides bikes.
  • You may attempt the segment as many times as you want during its assigned week.
  • We will follow the “Strava week,” meaning each new week changes over at 11:59pm on Sunday night.
  • Results for the week will be totaled on the Google sheet on Monday
  • We’ll be implementing ‘doping controls’ by checking fly-bys from riders at random.
  • For the GC, there are just men’s and women’s overall categories. No age groups. Sorry.


Stage 1 (April 6-12):
Bee Line Hill – Brought to you by PeopleIT, Knot Spot Pretzel and Our Brewing Company

Stage 2 (April 13-19):
SB Lakeshore – Brought to you by Herman Miller, Kort Advisor Group (Robert Kort) and Quality Door Company Inc

Stage 3 (April 20-26):
66 North – Brought to you by Tiara Yachts, New Holland Brewing Co. and Signs By Tomorrow – Holland, MI

  • 2.17 miles
  • Stage 3 is a nice flat cruise heading north up 66th St. past Gilligan Lake. Use this opportunity to show off the extent of your raw power. Or don’t, and show everyone how chill you are. This is all just for fun anyway!

Stage 4 (April 27-May 3):
De Ronde Van Beaverdam – Brought to you by Gentex Corporation, Bartels Plants, Amethyst Bee Cakery and BuhlerPrince

  • 15.11 miles
  • Stage 4 is the meat of the Ronde Solo Rodeo. We are heading out on the gravel (which is in great shape!) to finish the month off. This stage is a clockwise loop that features a couple of good climbs on New Holland St. It is also the only stage with any stop signs. You are expected to stop at all signs. Trust us, if you lose this stage it won’t be from a couple quick stops at gravel intersections.

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